Terms and Conditions

We feel that is important to tell you exactly what the terms and conditions of using our site are, so that you can be fully aware of your rights and responsibilities and aware of our responsibilities to you.


  1. Summary
  2. Information
  3. Use of Trade names
  4. External links
  5. Internet forums or discussion groups
  6. Appropriate behaviour when using this site
  7. Warranties
  8. Disclaimer
  9. Legal entitlement to use this site
  10. General overview

1. Summary

The information that is displayed on this site by the website owner, as well as any affiliates or subcontractors, is subject to the terms and conditions are subject to the terms and conditions that are set out in this policy.

2.  Information

We update the information contained on this website on a regular basis. But nevertheless, the website owner, nor any 3rd party who has provided content for the site, cannot be held responsible for any errors or accuracy in the information supplied. We will also not be held accountable for any actions that are undertaken as a result of information that has been read on this site.

The website owner also reserves the right to alter, discontinue or suspend any aspect of the site, at any point, without prior notice being given.

The information we provide is only to inform users only, it does not constitute advice, nor should it be viewed as tips or hints for trading purposes.

Any actions undertaken as a result of information contained on this website will be the responsibility of the person undertaking the actions. The website owners are not responsible and users should verify any information before they take any actions.

If there are any errors or inaccuracies contained on this site, then please contact us, so that we can put it right.

3. Use of Trade Names

We can authorise you to use any registered or even unregistered trade names, corporate logos etc, but you cannot use them without our express consent, which must be obtained in writing before you can use them.

4. External links

We, as the owners of a website, cannot be held accountable for the accuracy or information that is provided by any external links. Also, the terms and conditions that apply to this website and the responsibilities that we have towards you, only apply to this specific website. All use of external links is done at your own risk. When using an external website, their specific terms and conditions apply, not ours.

If you want to created hypertext links direct to this site, then you can so here. 

If you would like to link to our website, please feel free to contact us, so that this can be arranged, if relevant.

5. Internet forums or discussion groups

As a website owner, we accept no responsibility for the information placed by members in a public area, e.g. a forum group or discussion board.

Material that has been provided on this site has not necessarily been approved, verified or endorsed by the website ownesr. But we reserve the right to be able to remove, without prior notice any material that is felt is inappropriate or aims to:

Threaten, harass or violate the fundamental rights of other site users.

Distribute any material which could be slanderous, obscene or pornographic.

Violate electronic security of the website owners computer, or any use of this site’s computer, by spreading viruses or compromising electronic security at any point.

Use this website as a marketing tool to attract business.

Violate any laws pertaining to copyright, logos, corporate identity, plagiarism or any intellectual property rights that are applicable within the UK or under international judicial systems/law.

6. Appropriate behaviour when using this site

Users of this site need to be aware that they are not permitted to post any message or material that is offensive in any way. Users posting any material that is obscene, defamatory, slanderous or threatening will have their material removed and will not be allowed to access the site again.

As website owners, we will not be accountable for any losses or damages that are incurred by any 3rd parties, through users of this site who post any offensive, indecent or unlawful material.

7. Warranties

The Website owners are not accountable for any the execution of any warranties or guarantees, whether stated or implied, relating to material that is contained on the website, including the user’s or user’s company’s information.

8. Disclaimer

We disclaim all liability for any losses or damages that are either direct or indirect, as a result of using this website. We also accept no responsibility for any injuries sustained through use of this site.

We are also unable to accept any responsibility for the information contained relating to the price of stocks and shares. Any individual or company acting on information contained on the website, does so at their own risk and with no liability incurred by the website owners.

9. Legal entitlement to use this site

Those who use this website, must be able to show that they are legally entitled to do so, by providing relevant information as requested by the website owners.

We also are unable to make any claim that the information we provide is relevant for use in any country outside the UK.

10. General Overview

The terms and conditions contained in this document, now supersede all previous terms, conditions and commitments, whether written or verbal, between the website owner and users of this site. They now act as the unique and specific agreement between the users and website owners.

Changes to terms and conditions

These terms and conditions may be altered without notice at any point. In order to ensure that users are up to date and aware of any changes, it is their responsibility to ensure that they update themselves of these terms and conditions, whenever they use this site.


If there is a disagreement or inconsistency, between these terms and conditions and other related terms and conditions, then those which are specific to one particular part of the website will have preference and will apply to all users.


No exclusions will apply to the application of these terms and conditions, except with written consent from the website owners, which will only be provided in rare circumstances.


Any rights or obligations that are placed on the website owners, which are relevant to these terms and conditions, may be delegated to a 3rd party at any point.

Severability of terms and conditions

If a term or condition is found to be unenforceable, due to changes in the law, illegality or any other valid reason, will be treated as being ‘pro non scripto’ in the sense that the term or condition cannot be enforced. All other provisions are still relevant and for this reason, they are viewed as being separate from each other. The inability to enforce one term or condition ensures the rest are still pertinent and enforceable.

Legal status of terms and conditions

These terms and conditions have been designed in strict accordance with UK law, despite the fact that there may be changes to the law, or judicial rulings that could potentially create conflict within the existing laws. As a result users are expressly consenting to being bound by the jurisdiction of the UK’s High Court, when they use this website.

Contact us

If you have any queries or questions relating to use of our website, as well as our privacy policy or our terms and conditions, then please do not hesitate to contact us.