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Who are we?

We are a group who are, quite simply passionate about currency issues. We know just how dramatically people are affected by money in all its different shapes, sizes and forms. So we want to be able to share with you everything that is happening with currency on global, national and sometimes even local levels.

The Team

The site is edited by 4 dedicated editors with a huge amount of knowledge in the area of currency and finance.  James, Lee, Gail and Julie based in the US and UK covers the global currency picture and updates the site every weekday.

We also have two expert website and programming technical staff that ensure the site runs properly and is updated with the latest technical and visual requirements, Michael and Andy manage this task very well.

Our in house team of writers monitor the latest currency news to ensure our site is providing the latest currency news and business information.

Corporate Information

ex-chang.com is an established company providing expert currency news and information.

Our logo is a registered trademark.

Although we are primarily based in the UK, the site is targeted for a global audience and we have visitors from around the world.


Travellers need to know what is happening with regard to currency, because there are all sorts of things that need to be considered before you travel. Will it be more cost effective to convert currency before you travel? Will it be better to wait and exchange money when you are in the country? Are there any currency restrictions in place that means that you can only take in a set amount of money, or that you can’t take money out of the country. If you are going to take money out of the country, will you be able to exchange it again? You can actually find that you can take money out of a country and yet you cannot sell it and buy back your own currency when you are back home: which can be an expensive mistake to make!

Some countries won’t let you take money out of the country, others won’t accept credit cards, some countries do have ATM facilities available, but sometimes they don’t accept foreign cards. So what do you do, well you check out our website, so that you can know all you need to know, before you travel and you don’t end up in a country without being able to lay your hands on some cash!

You can easily access up to date, relevant and interesting information about countries all over the world, their currencies, any restrictions that may apply if you want to withdraw funds and even if it is safe to carry cash with you or you should just rely on traveller’s cheques. All your currency questions answered on just one easy to use website!


If you are in business, whether trading abroad or just in your own country, then you still need to keep an eye on what is happening with currencies and Foreign Exchange Trading (known as the Forex). Yep, it really does matter if the US $ is strong or weak, or the euro is remaining strong or the Australian $ is not being traded as effectively, since this will affect business all across the world. Imports can be made more expensive or cheaper as a result of whether a currency is strong or weak. Currency and how it is traded can also affect inflation rates, so it matters, it really does!

That’s why you need to come to us, so that you can have up to date information, analysis and some succinct news about what is happening on the world currency markets. You could, on the other hand, spend time just going through all the financial markets, spend hours reading all the financial newspapers or poring over the Forex results, or you can visit our website, to gain wisdom from our financial gurus, who have taken all the time and effort so that, quite simply, you don’t have to!

Know what is going on in the world and how it affects you

Ok so we live in a global village, but at the end of the day it is still a pretty big global village and there are lots of things happening around the world that can affect global financial markets.

This may on its own seem insignificant, for example, a country such as Kosovo decides to use the euro as its official currency. Well this happened when the euro was introduced in 2002. So does it matter? Who really cares whether or not Kosovo (no disrespect to people who live there) uses the euro, the US dollar or bearskins as their currency? It is nobody else’s business except the good people of Kosovo, surely?

Well that isn’t quite true. What the adoption of the euro by other countries, outside of the European Union shows, is that there is faith in the euro and that they are sure that the currency is going to be a success. So they are publicly saying “This looks like a good thing and we want to be part of it, not left out, even though we are not part of the EU”. This sends out a message to financial analysts that the euro is looking strong, so in the marketplace the euro is looking pretty robust. Then as a result, the US dollar starts to look a little less strong and as it loses value, the euro goes up in value a little and so the fact that a little (but lovely) country in Eastern Europe has decided that it wants to use the euro can make a difference, perhaps not a huge one, but it can make a difference in terms of financial markets all across the world.

How amazing is that? It is hard to think that little countries and what they do can have an affect on the trillion $ Foreign Exchange markets, but they can and what is more they do : and it can affect you and how you go about your daily life!

For some time now there has been a saying in Europe, that when the US catches a cold, then Europe sneezes. Well the credit crunch was certainly the US’s cold, (if not flu), but Europe certainly did sneeze, since all the financial markets are now interlinked and mortgages in the US often had had a funding input from Europe. So when the crunch came, it was as if the whole world sneezed and that is why when things happen across the world, you need to know about money, how it can impact on your life, in ways that you simply couldn’t imagine.

Don’t get caught out, instead rely on us to share our passion and expertise with you on all things that are currency related, we make it easy to keep you bang up to date with what money issues really mean for you!